Healthcare SoftwareWhat Is Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)?

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the process of identification, collection and management of a healthcare institution’s finances, with the use of medical billing software. Right from billing to the collection, as well as expenditure and payments, all the revenue and associated transactions, are recorded and handled in one single accessible database. A robust RCM process is essential for a successful healthcare practice to maintain and stay on top of its finances effectively. It also helps the institution assess their viability and performance in real-time, and thus, offers them a scope to identify and correct any flaws or mistakes in their process.


What Is The Goal Of RCM

A comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management system is essential for both the medical care provider, as well as the patients. The most important goal of RCM is to promote transparency in services provided, billing and revenue collection. It automates the financial processes of running a medical practice, and collates all data and transactions, as per the services offered, in one database, that can be accessed as needed. This offers administrators better control over their finances, identifies and rectifies all possible shortcomings weaknesses to boost performance, and combats the risks of fraud or money mismanagement.


RCM plays a great role in simplifying administrative tasks and reduces the need by efficiently handling the financial processes. It helps the medical institution keep tracks of care that individual patients have received and creates accurate bills. It also records payments collected, alerts patients of appointment dates and dues, communicates with insurance agencies in case of claim denial. RCM enables a hospital to handle financial and administrative areas with minimal staffing, money and effort, effectively freeing up their resources, to be allocated in areas, which need more, such as patient care and crisis handling. This, in turn, enhances the performance of the organization as a whole. Now, as the business grows, a quality RCM technology also adapts to handle higher volumes.


RCM Benefits For Patient

It is often seen that patients are unaware of the details of their insurance and healthcare benefits until they need hospitalization and advanced medical treatment. With the use of RCM, a medical practice can easily coordinate with their patients’ insurance providers so that the patients can get the best benefits out of their insurance policy. In case a claim is rejected or partially accepted, the authorities can inform the patients, in advance, a probable estimate of expenses they can expect for the course of treatment. This offers them a chance to make any necessary financial or alternate medical care arrangements, or seek financial assistance as needed.


Revenue Cycle Management is transforming the healthcare industry with its efficient use of technology to streamline, track and assess finances in real-time. Healimpilo offers you the latest technology and assistance that will completely revolutionize the billing, coding, collection and revenue management of your medical practice. With our advanced RCM systems, you will be able to optimize your performance and maximize your profit.

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