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It is commonly said that digital healthcare is the future of the medical sector and it has indeed revolutionized healthcare like never before. It has improved the efficiency of the field of medical healthcare by leaps and bounds, and in more recent times, it has truly been a boon in containing infections and developing better and more effective treatment plans, thus offering patients a much more advanced and streamlined care. However, before we delve into the benefits of digital health and why it is absolutely essential for any medical establishment today, let us first understand what is digital health/healthcare and how it functions.


What Is Digital Health/Healthcare?

Digital health or digital healthcare is a collective term used to describe the broad spectrum of multidisciplinary concepts that are being implemented by an amalgamation of technology into healthcare. In other words, it is the use of the latest technology, including medical software, hardware and services to improve the quality of healthcare offered to patients. It also streamlines back-end administrative functions and billing processes to ensure that a medical facility can function more efficiently and seamlessly, thus, growing in business and providing superior services.


Healthcare technology, such as wearable medical monitoring devices, mobile electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical records (EMRs), health apps, telehealth consultation and telemedicine, medical billing and coding, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and other forms of modern tech are gaining popularity to help the medical industry provide better and more personalized medical care to every patient. Health IT has truly transformed how medical establishments function and has been highly beneficial to both patients, as well as medical care providers.


Importance Of Digital Healthcare


  1. Advanced Healthcare Solutions

With the use of advanced AI systems, medical establishments can now design-focused intelligent healthcare solutions to customize personalized care for every patient and their individual care needs. This ensures that a patient can access accurate diagnosis faster so that the right treatment can start right away. The systems are continuously updated to reflect the medical procedures and medications administered, and the patient’s reaction to the said treatment. These records can be accessed anytime so that even if the patient transfers to a different medical facility across the world, they can get their complete medical records with a click. Robotic technology and AI can be effectively used to chart out treatment plans, perform complex surgeries, contain infections, and develop better solutions with minimal to no human intervention.


  1. Accessible Healthcare

A major constraint in the path of healthcare is accessibility. With the help of advanced cognitive technology, it is now possible to create intelligent and dedicated healthcare apps that offer tele consultation and telemedical services, that will help patients have access to necessary medical help at their fingertips. This is a huge help for patients who are disabled, stay far from their medical provider, or do not require emergency help right away. It is also useful in remote or underdeveloped areas with limited access to good healthcare facilities, infrastructure and staff. With the use of robotic technology, it is now possible for quality medical care, robotic surgery and emergency help to reach such areas, at a fraction of the cost.


  1. Seamless Scheduling And Reminders

As a medical establishment grows, with the number of patients increasing scheduling and managing individual appointments manually requires an exhaustive amount of human effort, leading to high risks of human errors. This can be even more difficult to handle in cases of patients who are seeking comprehensive care under multiple medical departments or branches of the same medical facility. Cancellations and rescheduling of appointments can make it even more difficult, more so if inter-departmental coordination is involved. RPA uses a single unified database to store all information related to every patient’s appointment. Any changes from either side are immediately updated into the system and communicated across the medical facility, to prevent any confusion. It is also possible to schedule auto-reminders to be sent to every patients before their upcoming appointments.


  1. Efficient Patient Record Management

One of the biggest hindrances in charting the right course of treatment often comes in the form of lack of previous medical records, which is even riskier in emergency cases, as in most cases, records are usually not brought in along with the patient. However, with digital healthcare, every medical record of the patient, their individual requirements, allergies, treatments administered and other essential information is stored in a secure database and can be accessed, retrieved and updated at any point of time. Thus, healthcare teams can get hold of all medical records, to plan the best treatment to help the patient most effectively. If a patient is under the care of multiple departments or medical facilities, the institutions in question can coordinate and create accurate treatment plans seamlessly, no matter where in the world the patient is located.


  1. Accurate Billing Technology

Advanced medical billing and coding software have now made accounting, billing and bill settlements are completely seamless. The entire process is automated every patient’s account is updated using the data recording their medical treatment. Every medicine or procedure administered is updated into the system, which in turn, feeds it into the billing software that calculates their bills as and when a process takes place. This helps the patient’s kin get an exact amount due at any time and they do not have to wait till discharge to know their bill. At any point during the treatment, they can also get an itemized cost breakup and stay on top of their expenses at all times. Moreover, this also offers them an accurate estimate of the costs of further procedures, so that they can plan the next course of treatment and arrange for funds accordingly.


  1. Effective Insurance Handling

The red tapes of insurance can be quite difficult to handle, especially with the patient being ill or hospitalized, it is even more of a hassle. But, now with advanced medical coding and billing technology, medical establishments can take the burden off the patient or their kin, and handle it themselves. They can directly communicate and coordinate with the patient’s insurance provider, filling them in on the details of the treatments and procedures administered, and thus, update them about the costs incurred. Depending upon the insurance eligibility, the course of the treatment can also be tailored to help them get paid for as much of the bills as they can. In case of partial or complete denial of an insurance claim, the institution can follow up and negotiate on the case, to maximize the insurance amount.


Digital Healthcare has helped medical establishments run their administration seamlessly with reduced costs and manpower. This helps them direct their resources towards providing patients with better care. Advanced technology has transformed the quality of healthcare, and improved the chances of healing and recovery, bettered the quality of life and healthcare management for terminal patients and have made healthcare accessible for all. It is truly the future of the medical industry.


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