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Modern businesses in this day and age are more driven by data. This is why, even the healthcare sector- a modern business sector these days is using BI or Business Intelligence software. This allows them to interpret all the data collected by them. Most businesses these days are using such tools, which helps them optimize processes and also helps them make informed decisions as well- the healthcare industry isn’t away from it.

With the help of business intelligence, there is help at hand. What actually happens is that the large amount of data that is collected by the industry (healthcare) can now be analyzed easily and transformed into actions that not only make a positive impact but can help the healthcare business improve quality of care and performance too.

So let’s understand first the benefits of business intelligence, its benefits and how to select the same for your healthcare industry. Please read on!

Benefits of BI for healthcare

  1. Use of dashboards- Helps with data visualizations. Thanks to the pre-built and customizable, interactive graphics and charts that allow for drills. As a user, you can quickly collaborate and share data through dashboards. Every key metric is now at a glance.
  2. Easy to use- The interface most business intelligence software’s have are drag and drop, which ensures access to all members who use it. The insights can be used to help make better-informed decisions (data-driven).
  3. Easy reporting- You can use the software to generate reports which are customizable and pixel-perfect. One can even export these reports to file formats of various kinds- print to publish as well, and share important information too.
  4. Easy to access- You can now make decisions faster, even when you are on the move. The software allows you to analyze and access details of any patient from any device, no matter what time it is. You now have reports that are constant and live and can easily access dashboards too.
  5. Top-notch security- Patient privacy is guaranteed, and there are strict data governance policies and access controls in place with the business intelligence software.
  6. AI built-in- Business intelligence software for the healthcare industry has built-in AI, which brings about automatically insights and key drivers, anomalies and correlations. It allows you to plan and predict the needs for the future, derives value from the insights you get, analyzes all the important data, the costs and the claims, and the outcome of the patients too- all through the built-in AI machine learning that helps identify opportunities to save time and money, to help with the improvement of practices and to bring down loss and fraud as well.

Thus we see, BI for healthcare is the key to helping with the process of business decisions. It helps capitalize the BI’s market scope too. So here is how you select your business intelligence software for healthcare.

  1. Does it support different data formats?

Systems data comes in many forms. Hence, before you select any business intelligence software, check if the software helps support different data formats which you are aware of for your system

  1. How does it report (formats-wise)?

What you get mostly are summarized data which enables you to check on growth performance and to make plans ahead. This is what the software should help you with. Thus, the software should have a dashboard, a table(s), a chart(s) and a graphical format that you can use. It should be tablet friendly and mobile-friendly- ease of access to use from any device.

  1. Does it integrate with in-house products?

Most healthcare industries would have their own ERP systems and custom products in place. Hence, what you need is to have the right BI software, which will communicate with the ERP system and the database directly. This brings down costs and any delays ahead and helps increase functionality too.

  1. The price

The range of BI software costs are one too many in the market- basis the licensing and the use of the software. Hence, what you need is a BI that offers the right price for your healthcare needs. The setup cost can be substantial, so check on that before you buy the tool. Check if the license is a one-time concept with a one-time fee for the same or not. Do you have to pay for upgrades or not? Check if the pricing is determined basis the utilization of resources or not? Is hardware use a part of the pricing factor? Is it pay peruse?

  1. Does it offer offline storage?

It would be nice to have a BI that allows for offline storage. This would help with providing instant reports and results, even when offline.

  1. What security does it offer?

BI software and tools have a lot of confidential data held within, which is crucial to your healthcare business. Hence, the software should be configurable to match your role and the permissions assigned.

  1. Does it offer real-time data?

When choosing a BI software tool for healthcare, check if it allows for real-time data display. And also check if it integrates with other systems as well.

  1. Is it easy to use?

Do you need added hands or a technical person to help with report generation using the BI software? Or can it be handled by anyone?

Lastly, does it offer SELF-HELP? Does it allow users to be assisted with live chat support, phone customer support, and more.

Healimpilo does it all

How you may ask?

To being with Healimpilo, the BI ensures that your healthcare applications are not only at work but the user is experience is “different” from the rest of the BI’s out there. It is an efficient BI, which encompasses all the healthcare software needs and ensures maximum security too. As a healthcare provider or an independent software developer, one gets to bring to the market software that is of high-quality and state of the art concepts, which meets the guidelines for quality, privacy and security. Right from healthcare application development to design and even architecture, Healimplo is the best fit for your business when it comes to healthcare application development, the design and the user experience; quality assurance and migration along with integration too.

So think of using the right Bi for your healthcare needs, think Healimplo!


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