RCM - Revenue Cycle Management


RCM - Revenue Cycle Management

Imagine how much time, effort and resources you could dedicate towards offering more advanced medical care to patients if you were to free up those that you put towards the management of your revenue! Now with Healimpilo at your service, you can simply leave the grunt work of crunching numbers to us, and focus on your patient and their needs. We have a highly competent team of specialized billing professionals and top-rated in-house medical coders, who along with our experts in coding compliance, are trained to deal with the administrative side of your finances, such as end to end life cycle of billing, filing and settlement of medical claims. Moreover, any secondary filings, unpaid claims, processing issues and denials are also followed up timely to keep you on top of your revenue cycle at all times. Our experts have vast experience and industry knowledge of working closely with insurance companies, and thus, it ensures your billing is done in adherence with the respective insurance. In case of denials, we analyse the cause of rejecting, follow up within 24 hours of that, to expedite the process of clearing your claims.

Our Revenue Cycle Management systems are unmatched in quality and support, handling all your revenue processing from patient billing to back-end finance management. We boast of an advanced integrated software system that compiles all your financial databases into a single platform, which you can access with your authentication codes. This helps you keep track of your cash flow, schedule payments and appointments so that you are never in default of any payments. Moreover, this gives you a clear idea of how your finances are performing, thereby, you have the opportunity to devise a better strategy to cut your losses and work on profits. We ensure that every single aspect of your revenue is up to date with the national, as well as state regulations and codes, thus protecting you from any future legal hassle.

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