Implementation Services

Deploy new technology in a sustainable fashion, with minimum impact.

Healimpilo makes it happenFocussed solutions for Implementation services


Services designed to improve performance and better leverage healthcare software, including electronic health records.


Healimpilo can engage at any point during an implementation project and ensure your success. Guarenteed!

Healimpilo offerings

Create strategtic plans for implementation that align with organizational vision and goals. Boost the technology by planning, deployement and optimization with system vendor's methodology.
Develop and manage training needed for all end users. Healimpilo trainers are skilled and will provide peer to peer training support.
Use the docuemented and detailed list of implementation services between the involved organizations. Our team provide expert guidance and support services in all phases of system development lifecycle.


Healimpilo offers a fully integrated range of engineering services that are designed to meet the specific needs and demands for each customer. We bring together world class domain knowledge, as well innovative technological expertise with all our efforts focused on cutting costs while continuing innovation at rapid rates!

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