Cloud Enablement

Maximize investments with the right cloud strategy using the best technology and platforms that scale.

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Cloud computing bringsefficiencies, open access and a rapid platform for innovation.


Cloud improves time to market and brings affordable scalability and high performance for new applications.

Healimpilo offerings

Create unique opportunities suited for your business, industry and needs. A rodmap of continuous transformation that sets the platform for you and bridge the gap between current you and ideal you.
Cloud service and deployment models should be designed to align with your business strategy and goals. Use robust cloud infrastructure vendors for better deployment.
Control costs, improve efficiency, and elminate security risks as necessary by creating, monitoring and amending the cloud governance strategy.

Create new applications with our microservices, DevSecOps tools and containers. Deploy the cloud native applications tailored for open, secured and hybrid multicloud platforms.
Our DevOps tools help shorten releases, improve reliability and keep ahead of the competition. Give competitive edge to the competitors and serve better to your customers.
Maximize the value of your business by using reliable cloud technology. When you do this, you can transfer applications to a new platform. It will also help if you transform web apps, legacy virtual servers, databases and ERP systems for newer cloud-native technology platforms.

Cloud Enablement

Healimpilo brings the full stack knowledge on cloud platform and have implemented numerous healthcare IT legacy EHR and practice management system to a cloud-based system. Healimpilo has implemented large-scale cloud enablement projects involving dozens of modules and complex interoperability needs.

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