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Tired of losing revenue due to inefficient billing processes? Healimpilo's RCM solution is here to maximize your revenue and simplify your billing process.

Simplify Your Toxicology Billing.

Our expertise in toxicology billing ensures that your business is fully compliant and optimized for maximum revenue collection. Say goodbye to billing headaches and hello to a more streamlined process with Healimpilo.

Get Unmatched Support with Healimpilo's R&D Team

Experience unmatched support from a team that truly cares about your success. Join the Healimpilo family and let us support your healthcare business.

Stand Out from the Competition with Healimpilo's Focus on Quality and Results

At Healimpilo, we believe that our focus on quality and results sets us apart from the competition. Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable results while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Don't settle for average, upgrade to Healimpilo and see the difference for yourself.

Streamline Your Toxicology Billing with Healimpilo's Automation Modules

A Pioneer in Toxicology Billing and Process Automation Technology.

At Healimpilo, we understand that toxicology billing can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge toxicology process automation modules that streamline your billing and reporting processes, saving you time and money.

Our advanced automation modules utilize state-of-the-art technology to simplify every aspect of your toxicology billing process. From sample collection to result reporting, we offer comprehensive solutions that make it easier than ever to manage your toxicology billing.

With Healimpilo’s toxicology process automation modules, you’ll have access to real-time reporting and analytics that enable you to make informed decisions and optimize your billing processes. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large laboratory, we have solutions that can help you improve your bottom line and provide better patient care.

Choose from our range of automation modules, including sample tracking, test result reporting, and billing and reimbursement management. We’ll work with you to customize a solution that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your business objectives.

Don’t let toxicology billing bog you down. Let Healimpilo’s toxicology process automation modules help you streamline your processes, reduce errors, and save time and money. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your toxicology billing and reporting.

Maximize Revenue with Healimpilo's Toxicology Billing Solutions

Unleash the full potential of your healthcare business with Healimpilo’s cutting-edge toxicology billing solutions. Our expertise in toxicology billing ensures accurate coding, streamlined reimbursement, and increased revenue. Experience unparalleled financial growth as our tailored solutions optimize your revenue cycle management at every stage. Supercharge your practice with Healimpilo today!

Toxicology billing on Turbo mode

Unleash your business potential with effective toxicology billing.

Streamlined Toxicology Billing for Unmatched Financial Results

Unlock unmatched financial results with Healimpilo’s streamlined toxicology billing solutions. Our expert team combines advanced technology and operational excellence to optimize your billing processes, eliminate revenue leaks, and enhance profitability. Experience seamless coding, efficient reimbursement, and exceptional financial performance. Take your toxicology billing to new heights with Healimpilo!

98 out of 100 love us for the growth

We've supercharged over 98% of the healthcare businesses or providers who've worked with us or used our solutions.

Streamlined Toxicology Billing for Unmatched Financial Results

Unlock unmatched financial results with Healimpilo’s streamlined toxicology billing solutions. Our expert team combines advanced technology and operational excellence to optimize your billing processes, eliminate revenue leaks, and enhance profitability. Experience seamless coding, efficient reimbursement, and exceptional financial performance. Take your toxicology billing to new heights with Healimpilo!

98 out of 100 love us for the growth

We've supercharged over 98% of the healthcare businesses or providers who've worked with us or used our solutions.

From beginning to end and everywhere in between, our revenue cycle solutions decrease friction.




RCM - Revenue Cycle Management

Improve the profitability of your practice / Improving staff efficiency, optimizing revenue, and elevating patient engagement

To provide outstanding patient experiences and optimal financial results for medical groups, our Revenue Cycle Management Solutions use the best personnel, intelligent automation, and operational excellence.

+ 45% Increasing front-end revenue

Optimize Revenue cycle management at every stage.

How we help

Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Engage patients throughout the continuum of treatment

With a seamless experience that provides convenience, boosts satisfaction and loyalty, and contributes to volume and income, you can draw in and keep patients.
Financial Clearance

Financial Clearance

Financially sound patients will collect more quickly.

A whole range of front-end revenue cycle management tools to promote openness, lessen financial strain on patients, increase collection, and speed up reimbursement.
Revenue Integrity

Revenue Integrity

To increase reimbursement, make sure the revenue is honest.

To hasten reimbursement, our revenue cycle management solutions enhance clinical documentation, increase charge capture, lower compliance risks, and boost coding accuracy.
Claims and Denials Management

Claims and Denials Management

Improve the effectiveness of the revenue cycle to increase reimbursement

Our claims management systems for healthcare reimbursement management include workflow automation, rejection prevention, and cash flow acceleration.
Revenue Cycle Analytics

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Utilize analytics to inform smarter choices

Analytics tools assist with problem diagnosis, performance benchmarking, and opportunity prioritisation for increased output and financial performance.
Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Promoting the success of RCM for hospitals, doctors, specialists, and providers of emergency medical services

Our RCM services improve cash flow, speed up payment, and limit expenses at a quicker rate for healthcare providers like hospitals, health systems, doctors, and non-hospital emergency medical service providers.

What problem do you hope to solve?

Patient Access

Patient Access

Create a warm, patient-friendly self-service experience by combining the functions of scheduling, registration, clearing, intake, and payment.
Denial Management and Prevention

Denial Management and Prevention

To prevent denials in advance, guarantee full compensation and take proactive measures to address persistent problems.
Financial Clearance

Financial Clearance

Establish guidelines for patient financial accountability and provide financial support.
Patient-Friendly Billing

Patient-Friendly Billing

Offer consumer-preferred choices including omnichannel customer support, automated payment plans, and online bill paying.
Charge Capture and Underpayment Recovery

Charge Capture and Underpayment Recovery

Make sure you always get paid in full.
Coding Management and Education

Coding Management and Education

Boost coding compliance and reimbursement while promoting increased speed, accuracy, and appropriate payment.
Health Information Management (HIM) Coding Review

Health Information Management (HIM) Coding Review

Examine patient records and claims to ascertain how CPT, HCPCS, and DRGs should be used.
Payment Variance Analysis

Payment Variance Analysis

Determine accounts that were improperly paid or denied reimbursement, and oversee the appeals process to secure the proper payment.
Strategic Pricing

Strategic Pricing

Create pricing scenarios that are in line with strategy objectives by analysing the chargemaster, payer contracts, and competitiveness to identify potential pricing opportunities.

Healimpilo makes it happenSolutions for end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Can Help You Increase Productivity & Maximize Net Patient Revenue.


Online/Face to face
Payments in Advance


The Degree of Care
Case Management
Review of Utilization
Charge Optimization
Acuity Capture


Management of Denials
Customer Service

Enhance the Patient Experience.

Patients deserve a consumer-level experience.
Easy all the way and obtain the service they require
Improve communication and care coordination
Allow providers to devote more time to direct patient care.

Get more out of HealimpiloThe outcomes will astound you.

Cost savings

Improved Revenue

Making Experience Better

For Digital Transformation

We work in partnership with healthcare systems to help drive innovation, support their financial and operational goals, and enable their transformation in a value-driven era. The result can be both operational excellence and more connected, predictive and personalized care delivery.

Healthcare Applications

Healimpilo helps healthcare providers, independent software vendors develop and bring to market high-quality software that meets needs for privacy, security and clinical data quality requirements. Our broad spectrum of product engineering services, including healthcare application development, design and architecture, user experience, quality assurance, migration and integration, enables us to be a long-term partner for your healthcare software development

Product Engineering

Healimpilo provides the right blend of traditional and Next Generation engineering services. We bring full-stack knowledge coupled with world-class domain and engineering expertise. We are strategically positioned to respond to real-time customer needs and build technology offerings that are highly competitive while focusing on continuous cost improvements.

Get more out of HealimpiloInnovative, Efficient, Get results

Welcome to the Future of Digital Healthcare!

By focusing on individual healthcare for all and impacting human lives, we transform business processes by enhancing member experiences by using next-gen technology, analytics and AI.

Teamwork Makes Dreamwork

Our power-packed duo of technology design and medical software delivers superior quality every single time!

Commitment to Expertise

We align with globally leading healthcare and life sciences organizations to assist them with state-of-the-art technology expertise, rich healthcare domain knowledge and a product engineering approach.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Deploying the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, we use cutting-edge next-gen technology to help you reach your goals and reinvent your place in the healthcare industry.

Why Healthcare providers love HealimpiloClient reviews

Great team- Healimpilo!

Very quick to understand the application and started delivering within weeks.

Angela Jackson

Good feature ideas.

Right experience to suggest new features and thinks out of the box. Great team to be associated with.

Edward Dawson

Good team work.

Nicely merged with inhouse development team and statrted contributing to deliverables. On time sprint deliveries. Good job!

Erica Hutchinson

Getting better all the time

Improved delivery timelines, quick learning team and great to work with.

Peter Horner

A new dimensionHow Healimpilo works?
Collaboratively implement Healthcare turnkey projects. Multiple face to face engagements to objectively understand business requirements.
Prepare and suggest short and long term technology strategy, initial team requirements, high level solution design based on business requirements and defined key performance indicators.
Multiple engagements to understand solution design, product roadmap, implementation timelines, team requirements and approval process.
Onboard and assign right team for project implementation. You decide to participate in daily scrums and/or weekly progress updates.
We understand that in today's competitive world, organizations have to constantly innovate and stay ahead of competition. Healimpilo is strategically well aligned to absorb changing business requirement/s in the development process.

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